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If you are here you are either a spammer or you want to email me. That’s cool but if you are the first you should know a couple things. No, I will not let you deposit an insane amount of funds into my bank account even if you are a Prince from a fallen regime. Since I do not have a penis or a boyfriend I do not need to buy vigara or enlargement items. Nor do I need to go to your site for porn. If I do want to check out porn it will not be on a malware ridden site. Let’s see what else… I don’t need prescriptions from Canada or Mexico, and I don’t want a casual sex partner right now.

Now if you are the second I’m guessing there are a few reasons you could want to email me. Maybe you are claiming a picture that hasn’t been credited, or you just want a new email buddy. That’s cool mail on. Perhaps you want to tell me my site sucks, or I’m a godless heathen where I’ll roast in fiery pits forever. That’s cool too. If you are one of the latter two consider leaving me a comment. I promise not to delete it. And, chances are I’ll post it on here anyways. That said, if you prefer the anonymity of email go ahead.

You can email me HERE .

Hope to read from you soon.


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