The title and entry layout come from Mat Devine (Kill Hannah frontman, evil genius, and writer of The Racoon Society). The song Last Night here is one of my absolute favorites, and it speaks to my desperation right now. And since my desperation is what needed the outlet, we have come full circle. The layout is modeled after The Raccoon Society. At the top of every entry I’ll do the recently read, watch, quote stuff.

Now it’s time for random facts about me and things that I’ve learned in my life. ::cues canned applause::

I’m a caretaker for my family. My father had a stroke a few years ago. My grandmother is in the middle of chemotherapy and my mother is starting soon. I’ve been in so many doctor offices that I’m set for 2 lifetimes.

I’m an audiophile and bibliophile.

If I truly enjoy your work (musician, author, actor or whatever) and you are decent to your fans, I will work my ass off to promote you.

I’m currently the TN leader (Colonel) for the Kill Hannah Kollective.

I knit way too many things at once. At the moment I have 4 major projects and 2 tiny ones awaiting my attention.

I try to see beauty in everything. At least, that’s what I use to tell my parents when they asked why I hadn’t finished cleaning my room.

I enjoy all things spooky and scary except bats…

I’ve learned that one of my best friends wants me to get a pet bat. Which obviously means that he wants me to get rabies and die.

Nothing is funnier than seeing an owl divebomb the aforementioned best friend’s head, and hearing him scream like a little bitch.

I have learned that slamming off the water faucet is not a great defense against an unknown skeery thing and will lead to your friends laughing at your FOREVER.

Obviously, my friends and I spend way to much time trying to freak the other out.

I am convinced dentists are government paid torturers by night. In my mind that is the only reason for the insane amounts of pain that mine causes me.

Yeah let’s stop there. That should be more information than you would ever want to know.


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