The Obligatory Year-in-Review Post.

I know, I know… Everyone you’ve ever spoken to at any point in your life is linking you to their year in review blog. But, it’s in the bloggers rule book. Apparently, they revoke your membership and burn you in effigy if you don’t participate. None of us want that; so just play along for this entry.

I actually achieved some of my goals for this year. Which, believe it or not, is a first for me. I did move. Granted, it wasn’t under the circumstances I wanted, but the outcome is the same. I am out of the house that was making me so very miserable.

I’ve mentioned briefly on here about dad’s recent medical issues so the second goal I’m at 50 percent. I’m still his care-taker and will be for the foreseeable future. Granny’s brother has moved in with her, so I’m no longer her go to person.

I’m more involved with the KHK, and also with Bending Spoons. Both, however, deserve more attention from me. We will have more on that in future goals.

Considering that my work has been the KHK, Bending Spoons, and knitting. I obviously do not have health insurance. So I did not get back on my medications. I did however stop the ugly self-medication habits, and have turned to vitamins and herbal supplements. I also did not quit smoking, but I am more determined than ever to do so.

Speaking of the KHK, I did not make it to New Heart this year. I also didn’t make it to the Spring Show but that’s because there wasn’t one. Which means I did not get to meet up with Des and Lissa. This is still on my list of things to accomplish because those women are two of the most important people in my life.

Back on the upside of accomplishments, I did more with my knitting. I taught myself new techniques, and designed more patterns. The etsy store and craft fairs are currently in the works. I’m sure that will be accomplished soon.

The last on my list in January was to study more about religion because of my crisis of faith. I did not do this. I didn’t even attempt to do this. There’s really no excuse or reason. I just let it go.

Overall… I’m happy with this year. It felt very short and the majority of it blurred together. But with two days to go until it ends, I’m feeling fairly positive with the outcome.

Looking forward to next year I’m once again determined to make more of my goals happen. Some of them may seem trivial but it’s something I want for myself.

  • Stop Smoking. Seriously this starting and stopping and starting is ridiculous. So the number one goal this year is to quit for good.
  • Read one book a week for the entire year. These will be new books, re-reads will not count. This past year I read very very little. I pride myself on being well read. So I need to push myself back into the routine.
  • Write more. Seriously. I haven’t written and completed anything in quite awhile. I desperately need to get something out.
  • Meet up with Des and Lissa. Hopefully at New Heart again but I really do need to meet them elsewhere if NH falls through.
  • Go see Anthony more often. Once a year at Christmas is a sad, sad thing. Besides, I need to see his new house.
  • Put more work into the KHK and Bending Spoons. Do work with them that you are proud of.
  • Follow through with the Etsy store and craft fairs. Also learn more techniques with your knitting, and spinning. I’m quite proud of my projects but really want to get better and share with more people.
  • Save money for the planned tattoo. Yes this one is trivial, but it’s been drawn out and I want it so it goes on the list.
  • Blog more. You all might be glad to hear it or you’re groaning and moving your mouse to close the tab. Either way.
  • In addition to blogging more… no more memes. That’s right. Even if they are memes of my own design, they will not be posted here anymore. I know that some of you have to be annoyed with them. If for no other reason than I never complete them.

So that’s it. A short list of goals that are easily reachable. I do need your help with one of the goals, though. I need book recommendations. Because while do have a to-read list; it is woefully short, and definitely does not add up to a years worth of reading. Just drop your recommendations in the comments and tell me why I should read it. All genres and styles welcome. Since you are gonna be in the comments anyway… tell me some of your resolutions, goals, and hopes for the new year.


~ by Last Night Here on December 30, 2011.

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