A list of lists

Life has been extremely insane here so I apologize for the lack of updates (you know that one entry every 3 months… or whenever I feel like it.) Dad and Granny have been in the hospital. Actually Dad was in ICU and had to have an emergency amputation. He has since moved to the PCU and at the end of the week they hope to have him in a regular hospital room. That will surely be followed up by extensive therapy though at the moment we aren’t sure whether or not that will be him staying in a home with constant therapy or if it will be out-patient.

Granny, however, is back from her hospital stay and I’ve been taking care of her while balancing trips to the VA hospital. To add to my pile of fun, I’m applying for different apartments and housing that is handicap accessible. Our current house just doesn’t cut it, and I’ve reached the point where I can’t pick dad up anymore. We were both horribly unhappy here and thanks to steps and ledges dad had been confined to his bedroom (unless I was picking him up). I figure handicap accessible and therapy might get some of the weight off me. Also the farther I am from the rest of my family the better for us all. So, I’m jumping through hoops and limbo-ing under red tape for the government and packing.

Before that insanity started, Des and I made up another meme type thing. (I don’t suppose it can be called a meme if we are the only ones doing it so you all should play along.)
This one is 30 lists of Tens. Or you know, something with a catchy name. I’m behind her, but I plan on posting more than one a day to catch up.

1. Things you want to say (but can’t or won’t) to ten different people (one each).
2. Songs everyone should love
3. Movies everyone should see
4. Websites everyone should visit
5. Videos everyone should watch
6. Photos you wish you’d taken
7. Places you want to visit
8. Hobbies you have/want to learn
9. Books you want to read
10. Must watch TV shows (old or current)
11. Random songs from your library as chosen by shuffle
12. Toys you had or wanted as a kid
13. Current toys you wish they had when you were a kid
14. Best fictional characters
15. Things on your bathroom sink/in your bathroom cabinet
16. Currently active bands you want to see live
17. Things you wanted to be when you grew up/Careers you think would be cool now
18. Bands/artists people would be surprised to know you like
19. Ridiculous things you would buy if money were not an issue
20. Favorite things about your favorite season
21. Books everyone should read
22. Best soundtrack albums (movie or television)
23. Things that make you smile
24. Favorite artists or works of art
25. Historical figures you’d like to have a conversation with
26. Memorable cooking moments (good or bad)
27. People who would make a worse President than Bush
28. Places you would only vacation if someone else was picking up the tab
29. People (living or dead, real or fictional) you wish you could meet
30. Best moments of your life so far


~ by Last Night Here on September 13, 2011.

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