The land of milk and honey, blah blah blah…

Day 4- What you imagine paradise to be like

Definition of Paradise

  • 1 a: Eden
  • 1 b: an intermediate place or state where the souls of the righteous await resurrection and the final judgment
  • 1 c: Heaven
  • 2: a place or state of bliss, felicity, or delight

Yeah, let’s combine 1 and 2 because when I think of the afterlife I don’t think of it in the traditional sense.

Paradise to me is this…

Just add some loved ones, music (preferably a jam session), and that is all I need for perfection.

*- As usual I have no idea who this photo belongs to. If it’s yours and you want me to credit or take it down just send me a note.


~ by Last Night Here on January 5, 2011.

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