The post where I pretend my opinion is the be all end all.

Day 8 – A book everyone should read at least once

I could give you a list as long as my arm of things you should read. You would then pat me on the head, and assure me you would get to it by and by. Oh yes, I know how that game works. I’m one of the worst for it. So unless I know you and your tastes, I really don’t suggest books.

That said… I think everyone should read the classics. You know all the books we were assigned in school? The ones that you read cliff notes for, or maybe watched a movie that was based on the book? Yeah those are the ones I think you should read; and, I think you should really read them this time.

I’ve been a book worm since early middle school. I was the kid whose parents actually had to make her quit reading. They had to take my books away so that I would eat, shower, and sleep. When we went camping, most kids would pack toys or make sure they had a tire pump for their bike. Not me. I had to make sure that I had enough books so I could read at least 2 a day, a flashlight because reading by campfire sucked, and a float so that when the drug me out on the water I could still have my book with me. But, when it came to assigned books? I hated them. I thought they were the most boring works ever written.

I was lucky, though. My freshman English teacher pegged me early in the semester. I won’t go into any details but to say she got me to pass, albeit kick and screaming (likely on both sides). At the end of the year, she asked me to keep the book, and gave me several other novels that she wanted us to read through the year. The following year I had her for French, and she kept up giving me novels and the textbook. In fact she gave me The Once and Future King in the french translation.

Because of her my love for reading grew. She helped me see that classics were classic for a reason. I didn’t have to stick with best sellers and general fluff fiction.


~ by Last Night Here on November 8, 2010.

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