Finishing up the month long thing early…

I have the mean reds today. Well no, that’s not true. The mean reds are bummed feelings without a reason. I have plenty of reasons that I’m in my mood. Sooo I guess change that first sentence to I have the overwhelming purples today.

I’m ready for October to be over with… Actually I’m ready for the year to be over with. Since I’m all pissy I’m going ahead and knocking out the rest of this month’s blog theme. Then I’m going to go stare at my ceiling and pretend at the very least the weekend is over.

Day 28- Favorite horror/paranormal fiction show on TV

That’s currently running? Supernatural. When I first heard about it, I was sure I would hate it… I eagerly lumped it into all the teen paranormal shows and judged everyone who watched it. (I never said I wasn’t a hypocritical judgmental bitch.) I was completely wrong. It’s well written and balances drama, horror (gore included), and comedy nicely. I love the characters, but even more important for me is I’m engaged by the story line.

Others to add to my list of favorites?
The Dresden Files
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dead Like Me
Tales from the Crypt
Are You Afraid of the Dark (I’m sure if I watched it again I’d think it cheesy but it has a place)

Day 29- Least Favorite horror/paranormal fiction show on TV

Vampire Diaries… Yup that’s it. They fall into the category of WAHpires. Yes I’ve watched it, yes it was horrible, yes it was several hours of my life I want to get back. That’s really all that needs to be said.

Day 30- Favorite Halloween Game

Dead Man Rise. Essentially it was Hide and Seek for Freaks. What happened was you were either outside in pitch black (so you had to play somewhere there wasn’t street lamps) or in a house with all the lights out. The “Dead Man” laid in the floor. Their arms were crossed and a sheet was draped over them. The Hiders (we didn’t have a nifty name for them) stood in a circle over the Dead Man, held and and walked in a circle while chanting something creepy. Once that was over they ran around the Dead Man 10 times while saying “Dead Man Rise” over and over. Then they scattered. The Dead Man counted to whatever time limit was agreed upon , then rose, and went to find the others.

Day 31- Favorite Creepy Kid in TV or Movie

I have to go with the Omen kid, Damien. Mainly because that’s really all I can think of. But dude, if the anti-christ isn’t creepy I don’t know who would be. Actually kids are creepy period.

And that ends our Halloween thing…. Yeah really don’t have anything to add.


~ by Last Night Here on October 30, 2010.

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