Catching up… again.

Ok as promised in my photo journey entry, here I am catching up. Oh and promising to not let this slide again if at all possible.

Day 19 and 20- Favorite and Least Favorite Monster

I use to be such a Vampire freak… I mean I still am to a degree. However, the new incarnation of vampires? Yea…. BOOOOOOOOOOO. Seriously a vampire is not supposed to be a fangless wimp, who feasts on animals, listens to your bad poetry, watches you sleep (ok actually yes that can happen and it would be terrifying…) goes to school with you, and SPARKLES IN THE FUCKING SUNLIGHT!

Sorry sorry. I know that not all of the new vampires are like that. That was simply Stephanie Meyers wetdream written down and sold to idiots. But my hatred pretty much includes any vampire who finds itself in a romance novel. Yes I read romance novels… but we’ll ignore that for the moment. The point is I DEMAND we invent a new name for these pathetic excuse for the undead.

I, hereby nominate the term WAHpires or Wailpires… maybe Whinepires. Eh, we’ll figure it out. On a google search, I did see that WAHpires has been used once in reference to the twilight vamps.

Now as for my favorite I have to go with Demons, Devils, Satan, Lucifer, etc. There are just so many opportunities in stories with them. Maybe one of the reasons I love them so much is because we’re surrounded with stories about them. They can possess you if your heart isn’t pure and given over to god blah blah blah. Either way I’m not really sure why they are my favorite. They just are.

Day 21 and 22- Favorite and Least Favorite Fall Foods.

Apparently when I came up with this category I was overly vague. Sorry Des and Lissa. I was actually thinking of produce that was really only around in fall to early winter. Of course I’m an idiot. It’s harvest season there are tons and tons of stuff. I was desperate to come up with something. Granted I liked the direction Des and Lissa took it better so I’ll do both.

Favorite produce in late fall is completely the pomegranate. One of my favorite Halloween nights ever was sitting in my apartment in Christiansburg. I had horror movies on, had trick-or-treaters trickling by, and I was attempting to dissect the thing for the first time. I know it sounds boring but I absolutely loved it.

Favorite fall food in general? I guess chili. Not that it’s only a fall food, but I crave it more in fall and winter than any other times.

Least favorite produce is completely and totally pumpkin. Its used in everything around this time of year and honestly.. it’s gross in texture no matter how its cooked.

Least favorite fall food in general is the casserole. Seriously no matter what sort of get together you have some one brings a casserole. It really doesn’t matter what kind of casserole (at least around here) the pick whatever they name it after and dump sort of cream of something soup in mix it up, maybe add cheese or something crunchy throw it in the oven and then they spread the tragedy of their concoction with the world. While I appreciate the sentiment of bringing something to a gathering… Here is a tip; if I invite you to something and you have the urge to bring a casserole just don’t. Let me know that the thought hit you, bring me some cat food and I’ll come up with a dish for you. Fair trade.

Day 23- Favorite Stephen King movie or book

Man I’m really being a Negative Nancy tonight. But, I don’t like Stephen King books as a rule. Wait, wait… put down your torches and pitchforks. The man is a horror genius. Seriously. There are very few of his ideas that I don’t like (when you have such a collection to choose from there is bound to be a few), however… I have the attention span of a fairy in a jewelry store. When it takes an entire chapter to open a door (no matter how well written) I’m gonna lose interest and want to skip to the scary part. By then of course, something happened while the door closed and I’m completely lost.

I guess my favorites of the ones I managed to stay focused on was Salem’s Lot. Didn’t really like the movie though.. Out of movies I guess I would pick IT, Carrie, or A Perfect Storm.

EDIT: As Des pointed out… I meant Storm of the Century. Yes, I am a moron.

Day 24- Favorite horror movie actor/actress

This is easy. I don’t have one. In fact I sat here and tried to come up with names I associate with horror and I got Linda Blair, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Vincent Price’s voice. So my answer is a non-answer.


~ by Last Night Here on October 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Catching up… again.”

  1. HAHA Okay sooooo we both attacked Twilight…that was fun!

    I am, as I type, baking you your very own colossal loaf of pumpkin bread.

    And *whispers* A Perfect Storm was that George Clooney movie about the boat…. King’s was Storm of the Century. At least I assume that’s the one you’re referring to since it’s the one about the Devil taking the people of Roanoke Island.


    • Crap… *goes to fix it* In my defense I totally typed this up at like 3am.

      We had to attack twilight. I think its required by law.

      Lmao, even if you did at least it wasn’t a casserole 😛

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