Yay, I got my cards!

Reading: The Halloween Tarot
Watching: Supernatural… yea I missed it Friday because I was all sickly
Listening to: Love Me Dead- Ludo
Quote: “The true Tarot is symbolism; it speaks no other language and offers no other signs.”- Arthur E. Waite

So you all remember that I won a Deck of Tarot Cards in Mrs. B’s giveaway right? Of course you do. I bring it up at every available opportunity. I received it in the mail today. (Ok ok yesterday but I was sickly and it required too much effort to walk to the road a check it…. Don’t judge me.) And it’s awesome.

In fact, it’s so awesome that you get a photo journey. Hey you! Yeah you, I see you looking for the little red x in the corner. Stop it and bask in the amazing photo journey.

First off it was all wrapped and pretty and there was Halloween confetti flying everywhere.

The awesomeness was just filling the room at this point and Vashta had to come investigate this magic.

And because a Droid Eris takes the worst pics in the world (you gotta press the track ball and then you shake the phone and yeah…) Vashta got a bit too impatient with the picture taking.

So then I decided for both of our sakes I’d get on with the unwrapping. I may have squealed like a giant girl when I saw how cute the packaging alone was…  And by “may have” I mean I totally did. Seriously though, check out this cuteness.

While I was joyously squealing (Have I mentioned that you shouldn’t judge me yet?) Vashta decided that I put the fun stuff to the side. That was just a tragedy that she couldn’t tolerate. So she hopped, played and kicked.

But by then (mostly because I couldn’t get a better picture) the crinkling was hitting obscene levels and I took her toy away. She stalked off to find someone else to harass and I turned to the card.

It was very sweet and unexpected. Rue (the sponsor) is amazing in every way and I encourage you to go check her out. You can visit the link HERE or the one in the side bar. Her blog rocks my face off, and I’m glad that I found her through this 31 Days of Halloween celebration.

Meanwhile I’m gonna go charge my cards a do a reading. YAY. Also the bloggage will continue tonight. I’ll catch back up on the 31 days and will promise to try very hard not to miss another day.


~ by Last Night Here on October 24, 2010.

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