I’m running out of witty titles…

Ok so maybe they were never witty to begin with, but let me pretend, will ya?

That’s right this is another Mrs. B giveaway blog. Today she has 4 awesome ones. And instead of me making small talk let’s jump right in.

Giveaway 1 is Natural Absinthe Herbal Salts from Grimdeva of Craft Cauldron Minis. And the super fun thing about this? There are gonna be 3 winners in this giveaway alone. Weeeeee. Now this isn’t actually Wormwood, and it’s not safe for consumption. It’s a bath salt. Or some other sort of aromatherapy. Either way the link is HERE.

Giveaway 2 is an adorable keychain. You get 2 keychains actually a pumpkin and a bat. Seriously though, the cute factor is off the scale on these. You must go look at them. You can go see the cuteness at this PAGE.

The 3rd give away is an amazing Mini Herbal Kit from 5 seeds. The kit has a few things in it; a love massage oil, protection lip balm, and a prosperity hand balm. Awesome stuff. Go ENTER.

Finally is the handmade puzzle ball in halloween fabric. My Vashta would have a field day with this. Go check it out at this LINK.

I’ll have my favorite and least favorite things about fall up tonight.


~ by Last Night Here on October 18, 2010.

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