The one where I try to read a Top 50 list…

Day 16- Horror movie you hate that everyone else loves

Ok I really had no idea what to write about tonight. I’ve already expressed my hatred for Saw sequels and general remakes. Repeating that wouldn’t be very fun. Not to mention I have weird friends who either don’t like horror movies period or they have similar tastes to me; minus the heart breaking zombie thing. So yeah… I was stumped. I turned to my great and glorious leader, Google, for help. I found a list… a list so infuriating that yeah I have things to write about now.

This list is the Top 50 Scariest Horror Movies of All Time. (Am I the only who hears Kayne’s voice when I read of all time?) Some of them are ok… they can stay in the list. I might not agree with the scariest part but fine whatever. I’m gonna talk about the ones I disagree with. I’ll use their corresponding number.

#48 Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2- Yeah I hate you already list… You described it as dark, creepy, original, and smart. *stares*

#47 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- No really I hate you. Of all the horror movies in this world you have to be funny and pick a kids movie.

#44 Rosemary’s Baby- Ok fine I lied. I know I wasn’t going to talk about their placing on the list as long as they deserved to be on the list but this changed that. How is this only 44? Really, I demand to know.

#37 Open Water- I’m going to hemorrhage before I get through this list. Ok fine it’s got the based on a true story thing kicking *stares* but… dude… *sighs*

#30 Altered States- Wasn’t this one really long drug psa? There was really no suspense or fear involved. Side note this was actually Drew Barrymore’s first film role. (Need more excuses not to see it? Didn’t think so)

Ya know what screw it… I’m stopping here. I don’t care if the top 20 are exactly what I would have picked. I just can’t read anymore, and you can’t make me. If you want to read it… go ahead, you poor sucker. It’s HERE.


~ by Last Night Here on October 16, 2010.

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