Day 14 and 15

Reading: The Myths and Legends of Ireland
Watching: Supernatural (It’s friday what did you expect?)
Listening to: Kill Hannah-Living in Misery
Drinking: Massive amounts of water
Quote: “Look, you’re the one who got me out in the armpit of the world chasing your galloping cadavers.”- Peter, City of the Living Dead (1980)

Day 14- Lovecraft or Poe

According to Des, there is a rule here. You are either a fan of Poe or you’re a Lovecraft junkie. You can’t be both. One is a psychological horror and the other is more monster based.  While I could argue that monsters are just manifestation of psychological horrors… I won’t. Instead I’ll say that I’m a rebel and I laugh in the face of rules! BWAHAHAHAH*coughhack*HAHA…. ha and stuff. Heh, seriously I’m on of the weird ones who don’t lean in a horror direction. I love them both equally. It just depends on which flavor I’m feeling more when I sit down to reread.

Day 15- Horror movie you love that everyone else hates

I know there are tons. I just can’t think of specific examples. A lot of my friends are Zombie haters. I can’t even convey how much that breaks my heart. Zombies need more than brains… they need love too. Ok, sure, mostly brains. My point stands.



~ by Last Night Here on October 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Day 14 and 15”

  1. HA BUSTED! :p You obviously didn’t read my Poe/Lovecraft response because what I said was the vast majority of true horror fans will favor one over the other (even those who don’t know they demonstrate a preference)…but there are some who enjoy both. It’s the Elvis or the Beatles theory, just with horror. 😀

    • Lol, I read it. But I thought that when we originally discussed it that you said you could like both but couldn’t be big fans of both. And since I already had this answer in my head I decided not to change it. 😛

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