Whoops… Gotta catch up.

Yeah I’ve been sick… Can’t drag myself outta bed kinda sick. Actually, I flung myself out of bed at regular intervals but no one wants to read about that. But now that I can do more than fight to hold my head up and pray to die, I thought I’d catch up on my 31 days. Sorry for the condensed version, but I don’t want the rest of the month playing catch up.

Day 9- Favorite TV Special.

Psh like I even need to answer this. It’s totally the Peanuts special. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is gold. I mean it was first released (shown… whatever) in 1966 and every year I still watch it and love it. Granted I love all things Snoopy. But there is one piece of my childhood I can’t find. It’s Snoopy The Musical (the animated version). I would give my left pinky if I could find this in a good quality on a dvd. I know I’d probably have to find a still sealed vhs and convert it… still a girl can dream.

Edited to Add. I just found it on YouTube! Not the best quality, but yay I found all of it and not just clips. *does the snoopy dance*

Day 10- Least Favorite TV Special

The increase in ghost hunt shows. Yup, really. I mean I don’t mind Ghost Hunters or the dozen others. However, everytime I turn on my tv it’s on somewhere. I mean of the TONS of spooky stuff you could show or create… I dunno this just bums me out.

Day 11- Other October Traditions in your family

This actually needs its own special entry. So for now I’m going to skirt past it and say that I do have other traditions in October. I’ll do that blog soon. (Yes I am a cheater)

Day 12- Least Favorite Halloween-specific candy

Halloween Peeps. Actually peeps are disgusting at any time. The best thing to do with a Peep is set it on fire or throw it in the microwave. Then it starts to look like the toxic waste it tastes like. Mmmhmm, I said it. And, I totally stand by it.

Day 13- Favorite Halloween-specific candy

I don’t understand all this hate on candy corn. Ok sure it’s pure sugar… and it may hurt your teeth so much you want to curl up in a ball and cry. But dude, it’s candy corn. That said I never really eat more than a couple pieces each season. Still, I end up buying a giant bag… because did I mention Candy Corn? Not only that, I found a solution to my wasted candy. One of the best friends is an odd-ball. He likes his candy corn “stale”. So I get my couple pieces then I throw them in a ziploc baggie and he gets them in November. It’s the perfect arrangement.

I also really like caramel and candy apples. They are also really too sweet and make my teeth plan a rebellion. So I don’t do them every season.

Weeee now I’m all caught up. *wanders off to catch up on her other projects*


~ by Last Night Here on October 14, 2010.

One Response to “Whoops… Gotta catch up.”

  1. You are a freak!!! Who the hell actually likes that disgusting candy corn crap. It may be made of pure sugar, but tastes like pure shit!!! LOL. And what’s with the dissing the peeps, dude? I love me some peeps!!!! Hmmmmmmmm, maybe we should live closer, then you can eat my nasty candy corn and I’ll eat your peeps. 😀

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