Day 8- Personal Ghost Hunts

Watching: Supernatural
Listening to: Louden Swain- Downtown Letdown
Drinking: Libra Tea again
Quote: “No ghost was every seen by two pair of eyes.”- Thomas Carlyle

Oh yay personal ghost stories. This is one of my favorite days we
picked. I love nothing more than going to somewhere spooky and hanging
around for hours hoping something will happen. Believe it or not that
is not sarcasm. The adrenaline is pumping and I’m hyper aware of
everything. It’s amazing.

I have 3 stories to share today. Now despite my experiences I’m not
saying any of these places are haunted. I’m still completely open to
the thought of a logical explanation. Just that I didn’t find them at
the time.

Okolona Exit I-26
This one is a mind fuck, but I’ll get to that in a minute. The story goes one rainy, stormy night (isn’t it always) a couples car broke down coming off the exit. Because, the exit itself is pretty much country with no stores or at least none that stay open after night fall the Husband decided to push his car back up the hill so they could be seen by other cars. However, tragedy struck (ditto on the always) and a car came flying down the exit striking and killing them both.  Now if you stop your car in towards the bottom of the exit and put it in neutral you will be pushed back up the hill towards the top of the exit. Some say that if done long enough, the car windows become foggy and you can see the handprints of the man in the windows from where he was pushing the car.

This is one I actively participated in, and it happened… my car went back up the hill. So being me I decided to investigate some more. Surely it was an optical illusion and it only looked like we were going down hill.  So my group got a basketball and we (minus a driver) also got out of the car. It definitely felt like we were walking up hill. We set the ball down and it rolled to the bottom. We tried the car again… pushed to the top. We did the ball right beside the car. Once again the ball rolled down and the car rolled up. Unfortunately I didn’t think to bring a level or anything like that. I may have to try again just to see if there really is an incline and how much of one. And while this should go with out saying… If you are a local reading this for fucks sake use some common sense. It is an active exit, that means there are cars coming down really fast. So keep someone in the car, keep your eye on the review or have someone else watching the top, and be ready to get the hell out of the way.

Anderson Chapel

There are two stories about this place. The first is a young man joined the church after he suspected he was possessed by a demon. The congregation laid hands on him to attempt to free him. An entity burst forth from his body (killing him in the process) and wrecked havoc upon the church. It set fire to everything and burst out the side of the building leaving the bricks melted. The second story is the church selected a new young minister to lead them. As time went on he slowly began inserting Satanic ritual into the service. Once he had them to the point that most were bound for hell, Satan manifested in the church. He was large and shaped like any man but was engulfed in flame. Luckily for the lives of all the members there was one faithful woman still left who forced him out then helped everyone escape the church. Like the previous story he burst through the side of the church leaving the brick melted. It’s said if you go there the demon/satan will appear again and attempt to take your soul.

Yeah… nothing happened at this one. Not that I really expected to see a demon manifest. The inside of the church had been stripped of everything but an altar. The local hooligans had painted pentacles and other symbols the believed to be satanic. Honestly it wasn’t even that creepy looking. The most exciting thing that happened was one of the group attempted to scare the others by screaming and running and ended up tripping over a tree root and eating dirt.

Sensabaugh Tunnel
There are hundreds of stories to this place. All involving the same ending. A family was killed in the tunnel. One version has the murderer as the father, Old Man Sensabaugh. He slaughtered them all simply because he went crazy or because of his wife betrayed him. The other is a hobo that the family took in. This time it was either because he went crazy, or after being caught stealing he grabs the baby and use it as a human shield. Supposedly if you stop in the middle of the tunnel and turn off the car it won’t start back up. In the meantime you’ll hear a baby crying, someone running towards you, and see shadows.

I had to be a bubble burster but these stories are absolute crap. There are absolutely no records of anyone being murdered in the tunnel. People who have spent their entire lives in the city know the Sensabaughs and they aren’t murderers. Though they are pranksters who like to hide at the tunnels scaring people. Notice I also said tunnels. There are a couple of them. I firmly believe that despite the tricksters there is something that has happened at both tunnels or just in that area.

I’ve been to this area several times and it always feels off. I do want to share a couple pictures taken seconds apart. The first one is the normal tunnel. You can see orbs but I’m willing to dismiss them because even though it wasn’t raining the tunnel was flooded. So I would be ok with considering that to be water vapor.

Now the second one as I said was taken seconds from the first one. I hadn’t moved. No one was smoking, the car wasn’t close enough to be putting heat into the air, and it also wasn’t anyones breath.

So there you have a couple of my stories.


~ by Last Night Here on October 9, 2010.

One Response to “Day 8- Personal Ghost Hunts”

  1. The first picture, if you look to the left, you can see a smoky figure

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