She definitely knows how to celebrate Friday.

Mrs. B has 5 giveaways today! 5 of them!! She also has a fun haunted blog tour and an amazing guest blog. Before I tell you about todays awesomeness I wanted to answer a question emailed to me.

Yes I do receive an extra entry in the giveaway for posting a blog. That’s not my only reason for doing this blog though. If that were the case I would just link to the ones I’m entering in. But every year Mrs. B does this without expecting anything in return. It has to be a giant pain in the ass to organize and let alone follow through with every day. She has a real life too. Plus she has managed to get some amazing artists and other sponsors to donate. And they didn’t dissappoint. The very least I could do is spread the word to things that I think you all might enjoy. I know most of you don’t mind these blogs, but I just wanted to make my intentions about them clear.

*phew* Moving on to awesomeness.

Giveaway 1 today is your choice of a t-shirt from Crazy Dog T-shirts. They have all kinds of fun choices; zombies and trueblood are just a couple examples. And, dude did I mention it’s your choice? Go enter here.

Giveaway 2 is adorable little earrings. Seriously. Adorable. Ocean Side Earrings

Neeeexxt, we have the another your choice of a creepy spooky ring. I’m eyeballing the raven one. Or, maybe the celtic cross one… oh wait or… Eh I don’t know which one I’m eyeballing. I feel like Mad Eye Moody’s special eye. Go check them out for yourself.

Fourthly, we have a Halloween apron. I get the urge to bake during the fall and that apron would definitely save me some hazzle. Actually let’s be honest… I’m spooky so I would probably wear it year round. Halloween Apron fun!

Last but not least… Another pair of awesome earrings! These little cuties are called Samhain Earrings. They’re face-rocking awesome. Go now, just go.

By the way if any of you win, I want you to tell me about it.


~ by Last Night Here on October 8, 2010.

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