Day 6 and 7

Reading: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (why I decided just to reread at a chapter a day with MarkReads is beyond me… I’m sooo impatient)
Listening to: Kill Hannah- The Collapse
Quote: “Halloween is huge in my house and we really get into the “spirits” of things.”- Dee Snider

Ok I didn’t do this last night because there was a tragic accident in my kitchen. I won’t go into details but… My cat (Vashta) and I ended up covered in about a half gallon of fry oil. Along with the floor being covered. Thankfully the oil wasn’t hot. However if you have tried to give a cat a bath you can only imagine what happens when you add oil to the mix. Moving on.

Day 6- Least Favorite Halloween Costume

I was a fat kid. (Ok I’m still a fat adult but bear with me.) Not only was I a fat kid, I was a fat kid whose aunt had her enrolled in dance. Which meant leotards. On a fat kid… I don’t care if you are 10 pounds above organ failure a leotard looks like shit on everyone. Anyways, that year I had finally been allowed to quit dance. It was a glorious time. Except they had already ordered a red leotard for a number we were doing. So being a member of the Thrifty McThriftersons the leotard became a part of my Halloween costume. They added horns and a tail and I became a devil. It looked horrid. To add to the damage of my psyche, we had costume day at school and I had to wear it to school too. ::shudders:: Apparently there are still pictures floating around. I’ve destroyed all of the copies my family has but rest assured if anymore of the pictures crop up I will destroy them as well.

Day 7- Local Urban Legends

I imagine if you live in a place long enough, you’ll eventually be up to your ass in urban legends. I live in a place that considers itself the most haunted place in TN, and tries to be put in the same group as Charleston, SC and New Orleans, LA. While I don’t personally agree with the latter, it brings in tons of tourists every fall. There is also dozens of nightly ghost walks. Be that as it may I love all the local legends. Two of my favorites are going to be on tomorrow’s entry of personal ghost hunts. But now for a couple of my other favorites.

The Swingle Hospital
Swingle Hospital was the first hospital in Johnson City. The hospital is located near Science Hill High School and Heritage Manor.
The Rumor is:
Back in the 1920’s, the owner performed simple surgeries in this privately owned estate and all of his patients would die on the operating table. If you slowly walk up the front walkway, between the row of hedges, leading to the main entrance you can hear the voices of the insane doctor and his staff, and if you walk around to the back of the house you can hear the screams of the dead patients, who are buried in the backyard. You cannot get in to the old hospital due to boarded windows and doors.

Actually I just drove by there today and the place was leveled. It’s kind of sad because even though it was abandoned it was a gorgeous looking structure. The copy and paste article was wrong. You could get in if you wanted to climb on to roof. I never wanted to climb though. Heh.

Doe Mountain
The apparition is called the Doe Mountain Fireball. It’s been spotted at several locations on the mountain at different times of the day and night. It rolls along up and down the mountain and can roll across even dry leaves and never start a brushfire. It ranges in size from about a bowling ball size to upwards of three feet across. It appears as a big ball of fire rolling from place to place on Doe Mountain.

Rotherwood Mansion
There is a lot to this story and would be too long for me to sum up. You can read about it HERE. However, it is a terrific story and I hope you all will actually read about it.


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