Why aren’t you playing along yet?

Seriously Mrs. B and her donors/sponsors have really outdone themselves this year. There are 3 more amazing giveaways today. (Just for the record in case I was unclear there are giveaways every day this month.)

The first giveaway today is an amazing Runic Amulet. It’s soooo pretty and I want it soooo much. Hehe.

The second one is an equally amazing prize. It’s a Blog Makeover! There are tons of stuff included in the makeover. Just a couple of examples are Custom Background, Header, a choice of templates…. I could go on but I’ll stop here.

Because I want to mention the third giveaway. It’s an adorable altar/tarot cloth. Seriously it’s so cute I could just die.

Now seriously come play with me. I want to see familiar faces. Yes I am totally looking at you. Dooooo it.


~ by Last Night Here on October 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Why aren’t you playing along yet?”

  1. I love Mrs. B’s 31 Days! Too much fun. I just received her email with your address, so I’ll get the package out to you right away! I just did two readings for friends this week with the cards, and they loved the whimsical images on them. I know you’ll get a lot of joy out of the deck!


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