Day 5- Favorite Halloween Costume

Every Halloween I suffer from delusions of grandeur. I come up all of these spectacular plans for what I want to be. Then I start making the individual pieces. I get more excited knowing how awesome it’s gonna be. Finally, I blink right before putting it all together, and it turns to crap. So more often than not I don’t dress up anymore.

My favorite costume though isn’t mine. It’s this one.

Seriously, that is fucking amazing. While it was a costume for a convention instead of Halloween, the sheer awesomeness of it makes it count.

* I have no idea who this picture belongs to, where the convention was, or anything else about it. If it’s yours I’ll credit it properly or take it down if you wish.

Also Lissa has started playing along with the 31 days.


~ by Last Night Here on October 6, 2010.

One Response to “Day 5- Favorite Halloween Costume”

  1. OMG!!!!!!!! I freaking want that costume!!!!!!! I’d totally wear it for Halloween!!!!!!

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