Days 1, 2, and 3

Days 1, 2, and 3

Day 1- Favorite Horror Movies

I really love all types of horror movies; psychological, monsters, slashers, all of them. Even the horrid cheesy ones. But my favorites tend to be those that have a religious slant to them. For whatever reason, those interest me the most. So, I guess my favorites are The Exorcism, The Omen movies (not the remake *glares*), Rosemary’s Baby, The Order, and Constantine (don’t judge me).

Day 2- Least Favorite Horror Movies

Anything that is Gore for gore’s sake. (I’m looking at you Saw sequels) and remakes. Be it the remakes of House of Wax, The Fog, Wicker Man, The Hills Have Eyes, When a Stranger Calls, My Bloody Valentine, or the Halloween reboot… They all suck. Violently.

Day 3- Best Halloween Party Music

Ooooo this one is tough. It shouldn’t be a tough one considering all the music I listen to but…. *ponders* Ok let’s give this a shot

The Cure- Lullaby
Joy Division- Isolation
Echo and The Bunnymen- People are Strange
Jeff Buckley- Nightmares by the Sea
Fantomas- The Directors Cut Album
AFI- The Hanging Garden


~ by Last Night Here on October 4, 2010.

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