Day 4

Day 4- Favorite horror movie soundtrack

I have something horrible to confess. I really don’t pay attention to movie soundtracks. Right now as they read this, 3 friends will have disowned me for this horrible fact. But, it’s true and I can’t hide it anymore. I mean I notice if it’s horrible music and then takes away my focus on the story, or if it’s truly epic and the best place in the world for that song to be I’ll remember it. Most of the time it just sinks into the background.

However I do have a favorite soundtrack, but it’s not to a movie and actually hasn’t been released. The music that they pick for the Supernatural series on tv is possibly one of the best things I’ve heard. CW shows normally pick top 40 hits or those bands they think are edgy and indie. This show is the glorious exception. Their main music is classic rock. One episode in particular moves to the forefront of my mind and refuses to leave until I acknowledge it. In Season Two there is an episode entitled Heart. It’s a great episode, and a truly moving conclusion. It was amplified by the fact that they picked a fantastic song; Queensyrche- Silent Lucidity. I was bawling by the end of the episode.


~ by Last Night Here on October 4, 2010.

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