It’s that magical time of year.

Reading: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Watching: Supernatural
Listening to: Flogging Molly- Devils Dance Floor
Drinking: Apple Juice
Quote: “Where there is no imagination there is no horror.” -Arthur Conan Doyle,Sr.

Fall is normally my favorite time of year. There was a time I would live in it constantly if I could. This year? I’m just having trouble getting excited like I usually do. It’s still my favorite season. After all, this is the one time of year that the weather doesn’t make me the least bit miserable. But yea, I don’t know… I’m struggling.

Last year at this time my life was completely different. I was working a full time job. I wasn’t taking people to the doctor 3 or more times a week. I was feeling creative and fulfilled. Learning the guitar was going smoothly. And, maybe the most important thing was I was spending my free time with Matthew. In less than 2 months later, everything fell to hell.

It’s no secret that I feel depressed, grasping tightly to a splitting rope. I’m trying to claw my way out of it. I imagine that soon I’ll ask a doctor to put me on medication to make me a zombie. (Yes I’m aware that if anti-depressants are prescribed correctly with the dosage and taken like instructed that they won’t necessarily make you a zombie.)

Whoops, I accidentally hit the whine button. That was so not the point of this entry. The point was all the exciting things coming up. They are bound to help me get into my seasonal groove.

Mrs. B has started her 31 Days of Halloween. Every day there are give aways, guest blogs, haunted tours, recipes, and other spooky goodness. You should all check it out and play along. (There is also a button on the side bar to check her out.)

Des gave me fun news last night. There are 7 and a half horror movies coming out in October. We gave Catfish a half because we can’t decide if it’s a thriller/horror or just a weird ad campaign. As she pointed out, that’s more than one a week.

Speaking of movies… Even though it’s on the tail end of fall, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows hits theaters. I plan on dragging Heather to Knoxville to watch it opening night with Shane and Anthony. This may be news to them…

I spoke about the weather once already but it really needs to be mentioned again. It’s hoodie weather! I’ve already worn my Doctor Who hoodie once. (It’s the simple things in life.) Plus with this weather I can light my candles, grab a glass of wine and knit to my hearts content. Ok I can do this during the summer but it just makes me feel hot and icky. Anthony got me a candle for the Escape from the Womb Day, that has a wooden wick. It crackles like a fireplace, and just smells like fall.

I haven’t even mentioned the other every year things like haunted houses, corn mazes, pomegranates, my niece and nephew trick-or-treating, leaves changing color, and a giant desire to go on a road trip.

So yes, I think I’ll have plenty to get excited about. I think I’ll start with the candles, wine, and knitting.


~ by Last Night Here on October 1, 2010.

One Response to “It’s that magical time of year.”

  1. Woohoo glad to hear you are doing the whole “today is a new day” thing… let’s try super super hard to make it stick 🙂

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